Abrons Arts Center's AIRspace Residency for Visual Artists annually supports four visual art residencies for New York City based artists. 

Residents receive a $1,000 unrestricted stipend for their participation in the program, as well as a semi-private studio for nine months at the Abrons facility, located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Throughout the residency cycle, studio visits are arranged with critics, curators, artists and other arts-workers. Additionally, resident artists have opportunities to develop their teaching practices through participation in Abrons’ Engagement Program. The residency period culminates in a group exhibition in Abrons' galleries.

Among the artists selected for the AIRspace program are painters, printmakers, photographers, sculptors, video and installation artists. Artists with interdisciplinary practices are also encouraged to apply. Residents are selected by a juried panel of professional artists, critics, curators, and Abrons Arts Center staff.

A program of the historic Henry Street Settlement, Abrons Arts Center is committed to the belief that artistic practice is key to a socio-politically engaged and healthy society. As such, we place value on critical inquiry with ideas and aesthetic traditions. We are intent on co-creating a community with AIRspace residents who value situating their practices within the rich histories of the Lower East Side, and who demonstrate a commitment to political and cultural equity.

Our Spaces

The Abrons Arts Center is a 40,000 square foot facility with three theaters, an amphitheater, three galleries, five performance studios, six semi-private visual arts studios, four visual arts classrooms and seven music classrooms. These sites are available to resident artists on a daily basis for rehearsal, research, and development.

Abrons Arts Center does not provide housing, transportation, or visa sponsorship. Applicants living outside New York City will have to make their own accommodation arrangements. All accepted applicants must reside in New York City for the duration of the program. Artists enrolled in a school, college, or university are not eligible to apply. Collaborative groups are invited to apply. Due to the high volume of applications received, we are unable to provide feedback to applicants at this time. 

Applications go live: April 22, 2019
Application deadline: May 22, 2019, 11:59PM
Applicants notified of Status: July 19th, 2019
Studio Move in: September 9, 2019
Studio Move out: June 12, 2020
Email AbronsAirSpace@henrystreet.org

WE ARE HERE is a 3 day arts festival exploring indigenous past, present and futures. As indigenous people we are armed with our own technologies, ancestral knowledge, & survival tactics; We are artists in finding balance between old ways and late stage capitalism.

The festival will include creatives in the fields of visual (installation, fine art and contemporary), music // sound art, and film // video art. All work will shed light on experiences of what it means to live a "balanced" life during "unbalanced" times.

WE ARE HERE celebrates Indigenous Futurism and we are encouraging artists to come with their most experimental works. Often we are placed in the dissonance of capitalism and making space for our own sense of Indigenous liberation and survival. Art is cognizant and organic in starting this important dialogue. As natives in the 21st century, it is our duty to imagine different futures for our communities. Exploring and growing; WE ARE HERE.

 Eligibility requirements:

  • Artists, no matter of the category, must identify as Indigenous, Native American, American Indian, Aboriginal, First Nations, and/or any other term meaning original peoples of a land, territory, and/or nation. (Space NDN accepted)  
  • Although it is not a requirement to identify as an Indigenous Queer/Trans/Two-Spirit/Femme/Womxn to submit artwork, we acknowledge the disparities that exist within the art world when it comes to showcasing their work and aim to address it through our selection by giving priority to those submissions.
  • Collaborative groups & collectives encouraged to apply.

Important Dates:  

May 3, 2019: Applications go live  

May 31, 2019 at 11:59pm EST: Applications close 

June 19, 2019: Applicants notified  

Questions?: Email weareherefestival@gmail.com

This is festival is made possible by the New York Womens Foundation, American Indian Community house & Abrons Arts Center.

Abrons Arts Center